Marque MII


The universe of Mii is created by 4 hands...

Bapan Dutta is Indian, Lucie Bourreau is French. They met in 2006 at « l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs » and since then they’ve been inseparable. Mii with two i’s, acronym of made in India and two i’s for the meeting between two countries, between two textile designers.

Through their women's collection, they continue to link their two countries whose textile « know-how » is recognised worldwide. In Brittany, they make their pieces and use the finest threads of cotton, khadi, silk or cashmere.

Each season their collections travel, with sensitivity, romance and creativity, they go from "Mii to the mountain" to "Mii to the beach", then "Mii in space" .... As a buyer, we are always eager to know what will be their new proposal ... and so are our customers!