Often on Instagram, I use the #familybusiness, most of you don’t know why …

Here’s the explanation:

Victoire is first and for all, the story of a couple:
Gilles, my father, who founded Victoire, and Florence, my step-mother who looks after the styling and the purchasing side.

Natalie, my aunt, quickly opened the first Victoire women’s franchise in Lyon.

Then came Julie, Natalie’s daughter (my cousin). She takes care of the men’s shirt collection and men’s general selection for the Victoire Lyon boutique.

The last member is me: Camille. I’m Gilles’s daughter. My role at Victoire is to share with you our collections, our desires, our news on Instagram, Facebook and in these newsletters.

And then of course there is the extended family:

Marie Pierre, Lucile, Aurélie, Morgane, Isabelle, Guenola, Carole, Jacques, Martha, Florence, Sabine, Beatrice, Monique, Selim, Isabelle, Fridjoff …

In short, all the people that make it possible to have this beautiful brand called Victoire!

If you didn’t get any of that:

1) Review carefully … still nothing?

2) send me a small email (,

I’ll give you a little catch-up course with pleasure!

See you soon,