“I’ll tell you one thing, Doc. He weren’t no rabbit.”

This Sunday, at Victoire, there is an Easter Bertini hunt. We avoid chocolate and its consequences – upset stomach, indigestion, or little spots on the face – and we enjoy these beautiful Bertini crochet bags.

Daffodil yellow, lilac violet, cornflower periwinkle, cane, striped, made with lurex, mini, medium or large… there is something for every taste and every colour.

You must keep in mind that rules are the same as those of an Easter egg hunt : first-come, first-served. They are in a limited edition, so it would be too bad not to “ring a bell” for the occasion!

Well, I agree, I do not deserve the gold medal for best wordplay, but at least I could get one made of chocolate!

Have a nice weekend and Happy Easter.