Focus on the windows

This summer, windows are in a bucolic mood.

Last fall, as we were strolling around the White, the fashion show in Milano, we have been able to extend the summer holidays by looking at the lovely and inspiring scenery they set up. A nice mix between poetry, nature and romantism.
It is our turn to inspire you…
Take the time to stop by and to breathe some fresh air on our website or in our shops.
Come and discover our embroidered dresses, washed colors polo shirts, flowered shirts, our crochet dresses, colorful linen, our mini Japanese bags, our patchwork scarves, our hand-painted shirts, our fluo bermudas shorts and…. Let the sunshine in!

For the realisation, we are thankful to Sophie Glaizal, member of the Victoire family as she is Camille Riboud’s aunt, her talent and her lovely urban garden centre in Lyon “Du Vert au Balcon” (means Green on the balcony)
Go and check her Instagram account @duvertaubalcon!