For some of us…

It’s the French holidays !

I have the chance to take a short family break in Morocco. For years, Moroccan getaways have punctuated Victoire’s adventures. Florence and Gilles always went there after the intense periods of work and, it’s my turn to enjoy this pretty paradise.

There’s no better place to breathe, ressource and recharge the batteries. It is also, of course, a fabulous source of inspiration: the pigments, the materials, the lights… We have even created a small capsule named “zellige” in our summer collection.

I packed my suitcase with great excitement. I took all my favorite pieces from this summer. There’s my NINA D emboidered shirt very arabian nights, my jumpsuit from CONDITIONS APPLY, my FORTE FORTE crochet cardigan, my  MEHER KAKALIA loafers and my essential bermuda shorts from VICTOIRE !

A nice early taste of summer…

Have a wonderful weekend and happy holidays,