Just married (I mean nearly…)

The countdown begins and the big question is creeping up on us:
What am I going to wear to my summer weddings?

At Victoire, we are here to help you feel good about yourself but also to feel free to dance all night.

Here’s our “special wedding” selection:

Look # 1, this sleeveless dress from our new Australian brand: Lee Mathews. We like the raw mix of prints and the edgy bucolic side… so charming.

Look # 2, reveal your inner tribal vibes with this pretty Anjuna Dress. A beautiful piece with pleated and embroidered prints.

Look # 3, this mini AVN top and MII skirt are full of poetry!
The organdi cotton and multicoloured embroideries are beautifully mixed to give you the perfect summer-beachy look we all need.

Last but not least…accessorise! A belt, a necklace, a bag, a scarf, a bracelet…it can never be to much!

All you need now is a nice tan, I hope the sun will be there to great you!

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  • Pannier Sensi Studio 340.00 €Available in shop
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  • sandals Sandalia 180.00 €Available in shop
  • necklace - 240.00 €Available in shop
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  • Skirt Mii 450.00 €Available in shop
  • Top AVN 200.00 €Available in shop
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