The puzzle of may !

The epic quest for a dress to wear at a wedding.

Whether you are the groom’s mother, witness, or guest, it is indeed always a puzzle to solve, but what a delight to finally enjoy festivity again…

When you come in our shops, your briefing is always clear. You need a dress which is not too much, which makes you look humble, you are not here to outshine the bride. After all, you are not the cherry on the wedding cake.

That being said, you rarely buy what you had in mind at first…

For us, it is not about finding a costume or suggesting a fixed idea of what you imagined being the perfect outfit. When you tell us chic, silk, simple… We answer that the most important is the look, the little touch of imagination, perfect accessories, it goes without saying… and simply feeling beautiful!

Here’s to the bride and groom! Here’s to the happy couple!