The Tye and Dye by Victoire

This summer, the tops and dresses of our Victoire collection have gone on an Indian adventure.
It all started with a great desire for a tye and dye look, the expression of our hippie-chic feelings or even an urge for more peace and more love … who knows …

We landed in Krishna’s small workshop in Bombay. We discovered the art of tye and dye, and the story that comes with it…

Each model is firstly made in white ready to be dyed.

After a good ironing session, the pieces are folded in an accordion pleat at a steady pace. It takes 4 hands to get through this step. Homogeneity is the key.

The pleat is then knotted tight at a defined interval, always in need of 4 hands… one holds, one knots!

After 3 hours of work, the piece is finally ready for bathing…

And just because we like challenges at Victoire, we opted for a two-tone “tye and dye”. The first part is dipped into a dye bath and then protected with a plastic film before repeating the operation in a second bath.

24h drying at room temperature before you can untie.

And then the magic occurs, pattern and colors are finally revealed …

Be careful with the maintenance !

We recommend dry cleaning, so the colours don’t fade.

However, you can also machine wash separately and coldly adding a glass of white vinegar to your usual laundry.
A light spin and gentle inside out ironing and voila! You’ll see that the colours melt together over time and your piece will become even more beautiful !


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