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Mysterious Blue 13

Blue 13…that’s its name since the beginning, no one knows where it came from…
all we know is that it’s the best kept secret of Victoire.

Blue 13 is a gorgeous blue, full of light and depths. The power of this blue is huge…whoever you are and wherever you are, this blue will always suit you, and make you look your best.
Magical Blue!

Go for this pretty Zanieri jumper and you’ll see for yourself. You’ll feel like you’re coming home from a long sunny holiday!

Here, we wear it with PT khaki pants and a Victoire stripped shirt, but you can really wear it with anything!

Break the harmony

For the perfect look, all you need is balance!

If you go for a mixture of beige, greyish, camel (like we have here),
you need to break it up and add a bit of pep’s to avoid the obvious!

Pimp it!

With a Blue 13 polo (which you can see higher) for a casual week end look,
or wear it with a pretty toucan printed shirt from our collection for a hot summer look!

Add our beloved scarf and you’ve won outfit of the year!