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As soon as we say bye to summer, we say hello to velvet.
Smooth, ribbed, lined… lots to choose from.

At Victoire, on the men’s side, we have velvet pants and jackets as usual, and always in beautiful colours.

But this season, we added a velvet shirt, a Victoire velvet shirt!
You will love the straight cut, the lightness and the comfort of this newbie, find it plain or printed!

So british

For this season, we go towards more of a British look.

On the men’s side, the tartan print is back, and in every way.

A patchwork sweater for a casual style with gabardine coton trousers with cargo pockets, or go for a sleeveless jacket with the slim PT pants and a slim fit shirt form Tintoria Mattei.
God save Victoire.