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How to wear skin pants?

I don’t need to introduce this piece, it’s a must-need from our collection.

This is the suede pants by Victoire, easy to wear thanks to its spandex waist, and machine washable…reasons to wear it!

This summer, you’ll find it in 3 different colours: navy (obviously), camel, and meadow green. I’ll come back to this…

For this early summer look, we went for the navy pants, play it sporty with this pretty floral Jacquard sweater in coton and cashmere. The mesh liquette shape, matches the poplin shirt in a harmony of blue colours.


See life in pink with this new look!…
Perfectly on time for Valentine’s Day!

with pink, don’t play it safe and make it look corny,
go all out and mix it up! Have fun!

This pink colour goes with camel colours, or terracotta
for a modern western, yet feminine look!