Meher Kakalia, fashion in Karachi

We met Meher Kakalia in 2004, during her first show.

Since then, you find her shoes at the feet of most of our silhouettes.
Her soft second-skin leather ballerinas, hand embroidered like jewels, and now her sandals which harmonize with all our colours…We were meant to meet one day!
And yet, that might not have happened, because Meher Kakalia was born in Pakistan.
After leaving Pakistan to study in London, Meher worked for a few years in the City.
Then she decided to pursue a more creative and international career.
In Berlin, she made tons of meetings, including with Paul Smith, who helped her believe in herself.
Because since the beginning, Meher Kakalia had a beautiful idea that only needed a push: revisit the Pakistani artisan traditions.

And she did it…

with a keen sense of fashion and an original use of colours, which immediately became her signature.
All the work is done in Karachi, according to ancestral know-how by experienced women, in Meher Kakalia’s own workshop. Each shoe is a small work of art, simple and comfortable, but enhanced with precious details.
The secret? Meher Kakalia does not use glue. Better for the environment, but also for the resistance of the shoe. The soles are stapled, which allows to fold the shoe in two to carry it around. Ballerinas are also presented folded, in small cube shape boxes.
Meher became a friend. Every season, we find her XL smile, and her unstoppable joy.
This insatiable globe-trotter now lives between London, Karachi and Moscow.
We see her at every fashion week, in Paris or Milan, or in our shops, even at Manantiales (Punta del Este), a destination that she couldn’t miss out on!