Our spring/summer trends 2018

In the world of fashion, the “after fashion week” is the moment to learn new trends and styles.

It’s a race against time, everyone wants to know what’s IN this season,
exhibitions, collections … and they all tell us what to wear next winter!
The only problem is that we’ll forget all of that when winter will arrive…

So, at Victoire we offer you our trends for this summer, not so pioneering but so much easier!

The “sporty chic” look: this summer, we make outfits as edgy and different as possible, (as we love to do at Victoire!).

Loose tracksuits, (Sara Luna for women), hoodies (cashmere) and sponge polos (Roberto Collina for men) …not only for tennis lessons…but obviously to mixt with the chicest pieces in your closet!

Long dresses and skirts are definitely (still) long! … and flowery! The floral print escapes from your grandmother’s dresser for a new life (Victoire, Smarteez, Angelo Gallamini).

We mix prints, we have fun … everything is allowed!

On the man’s side, flowers are also in season, testifies the Mason’s pants, the Hawaiian Bevilacqua shirts and even the scarves!

Great return of the jacket, pretty, practical, mid-season, in new materials (nylon, jersey) … wrinkle-free (Aspesi).

On the women’s side, Rose Carmine lurex, Anni Carsson’s printed silk and Samantha Sung’s panther will “over” dress you…

We will talk about Menorcan’s, tartan, powdery pink and red, embroidered and asymmetrical dresses made in Ecuador (SENSI).

In men’s, you will wear reversible pants (Myths) and you’ll wear pink (finally, we love men in pink at Victoire).

We will talk about light mineral colors, shorts, cargo pants, skin jackets (Desa), bandanas (Pierre-Louis Mascia) and printed silk twill scarves (Controfigura).

In short, summer feels good at Victoire and we can’t wait to be able to wear all these beauties!