Family History

2010’s – Around the world

Victoire starts exploring the world,viva Italia !

Victoire always liked traveling. For a while now, we have opened stores in Lyon and Lille, great places to live.
Then we opened St Tropez in 2002 and St Barth in 2003. Victoire Megève opened in 2008.

The Victoire style flourishes in holiday destinations, where people take the time to live as they like – inviting friends over, having huge dinner parties, discovering new perspectives, reading, going out, having fun, and of course dressing with style!

In March 2017, two women from Lyon opened Victoire stores on the seaside – Carole Pozzalo in Biarritz (French west coast) and Florence Bertoni in Malibu.

In 2018 we opened a shop in Portofino in Italy. Why Italy? Because we love Italians, pasta, spritz and Italian fashion, especially when it has been selected by the very french eye of Carole Pozzalo. And how to resist to Portofino ? This lovely village hidden in a tiny creek almost as legendary as our french Saint-Tropez ! We definitely love it because it’s a place where you can really slow down still enjoying a little shopping ten meters away from the sea and far from internet.

Since 2020, teams have changed, and COVID you know…. But our passion remains intact. It is often said that it is in times of crisis that new projects flourish. Well, we are pleased to announce the birth of Victoire Cap-Ferret, in the heart of the fishing village. Opening July 1st 2022, we look forward to seeing you there !