Family History

Today, Victoire hasn’t lost its DNA…

First of all because we are a family and we have values.
Florence and Gilles, the founding couple of the brand. And there’s Camille, Gilles’s daughter, the latest member of the crew, who takes care of Victoire’s image and  replace her father to continue this great adventure…

We constantly want to improve ourselves in order to be as good as we can, for you.
We love our clients, their imperfections, their qualms, their doubts, they have almost become our friends and we are proud that making them happy is our number one goal.
We embody the « buy less, but better » way of thinking as well as slow fashion, which is our main definition of fashion since the beginning.

Our clothing is long-lasting, timeless, intimate and you are the ones, dear clients, to say it: « I’ve had this jumper for ever and I still wear it !”
In the future, the plan is simple, we will remain the same !