The call of the sea…

This is the one and only getaway available this month of May 2022, let’s enjoy it !
We zip our bags, and we go breath the sea air, not thinking twice.
Away Santianna !

This is a long weekend which comes at an opportune moment.

From St Malo to St Tropez, when it comes to choosing an outfit, we play the « sailor » card. Pea jacket or dress with laces, Bermuda shorts or cargo pants, striped jersey, blue, white…We rather choose early season fabrics : cotton canvas, jersey, denim… without forgetting the essential cashmere sweater, because the weather can be changing at sea.

Careful, on Sunday, it is Mother’s Day. Delivery for our floral print shopping bag Gherardeschi is guaranteed and will arrive right on time for the Sunday lunch. Follow the link…

Enjoy the rest of the week,