Special mother’s day!

Like every year, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to thank all moms around the world for their unlimited dedication and love.

Gentlemen, here are some ideas to complete the noodle necklace look from your children.

And by the way, the answer is YES, we can be feminist AND love Mother’s Day at the same time

See you next Sunday!



  1. Handmade jewelry from Soko, an ethical brand from emerging countries (between 70 and 140 €)
  2. The paisley/leopard piece signed by Pierre-Louis Mascia, in yellow or turquoise (110 €)
  3. Eldorado romantico-western hats, in white or red (200 €)
  4. Wrinkled scarves in washed silk by Controfigura (220 €)
  5. Purses made in Madagascar by Sans Arcidet (80 €)
  6. Meher Kakalia’s embroidered ballerinas (180 €)
  7. The romantic double-sided silk bags by La Prestic Ouiston (160 €)
  8. Pretty Imayin rattan baskets inspired by Balinese craftsmanship and embroidered in Spain (200 €)
  9. The flower belt by Gallamini that goes with everything! (140 €)