Spring is coming !

The outside temperature slowly starts to increase, the streets are full of people, skirts are getting shorter, we almost want a glass of rosé on a terrace… Yes, all signs are here, it is spring!

We immediately start the major spring house cleaning, we put away the winter uniforms in our closet, and we offer ourselves a bouquet of daffodils and run to a Victoire shop to discover the surprises prepared for this season.

Of course, there are colors, as usual, but the color palette has evolved.
On top of the vivid colors – candy pink, pure orange, lime… – a lot of soft pastel shades for this spring – lime, lilac, cloud…

We cultivate our garden themed outfits with a beautiful embroidered flower from Mii (the restock just arrived for those who were waiting for it), a Gherardeschi bouquet dress or large hoop earrings from Rada…

Bermuda shorts, clogs, new Bertini bags… Everything we want for this summer can be found in our shops; and have a look at our e-shop, it is well stocked too!

It’s time for me to leave, I have a raspberry bush to plant in my window box.
If you have advice, don’t hesitate, I don’t really have a green thumb…

Have a nice weekend,