Street art !

It has been several seasons now that street art is present in fashion collections. Of course, like every other form of artistic expression, the most important is having a message, a meaningful thing to say, to tell, even to demand… like a cry, something urgent…

I had the opportunity to have a long discussion — one hour long! — with Émilie Duchêne about what drives us at Victoire and what makes our particularity. Our DNA relies in several words: independence, exclusiveness, colors, originality, style and, of course, elegance. If you have time, you can listen to the entire podcast here.

In the end, it is our selection which best represents our message; like our tagged trousers for men by White Sand, our dresses and shirts by Gherardeschi, hand painted, one by one, patiently and passionately. These iconic pieces of clothing are only available at Victoire and make your outfits more beautiful with their bouquets and fields of flowers.

And also, this shopping bag, I always have with me. It fully represents Victoire, with stripes and flowers. Each piece is unique, obviously! The perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Have a nice weekend,