Surprise pocket squares !

This morning, I told myself: the day before Pentecost, it might be the worst moment to tell you about our beautiful pocket squares… And then, Flavie (who works with me) sent me this photograph of Prince Charles wearing a pocket square… when the Queen is celebrating her Platinum Jubilee, it was perfect!  It is what I call having — against all opposition — the sense of timing!

So, I wanted to talk about this “new” accessory, which enters Victoire for men collection because, even for us, it is the center of arguments.

On one side, there are those “in favor” led by Isabelle (from our shop on rue du Vieux Colombier) who explained to me that clients asked for those “all the time” and that it was a must-have in our collection, and Guenola (from our shop on rue du Colonel Driant) who thinks, against all odds, that they are really sexy!

On the other side, there are those who have mixed feelings, of which I am part, those who fear that pocket squares are a little too traditional, or ideal for a “teatime” at Windsor castle.

And then, as always at Victoire, we all agreed: a pocket square is chic, end of story!

“Look, even Prince Charles looks like Steeve McQueen.”

Made of silk or cotton/silk mix, you can wear it however you want in a total British outfit, like a trendy dandy, or (for those who abandoned their suits in their closets for good) with jacket and not-matching trousers. Careful, little piece of advice for the last ones mentioned, obviously you wear it without a tie. This way, the pocket square brings a little extra, chic, and colorful, and you avoid the “reception at the embassy” look.
Have a nice weekend,