The bohemian chic style

What does this mean for men?

The bohemian chic look, we talk about it all the time for women.
Victoire has even discovered an icon in this style recently: Celia Dragouni.
But for men, it’s not as clear …

It’s quite easy actually, the rules are the same:

  • beautiful natural materials, simple and light (linen, cotton, …)
  • soft, comfortable cuts that emphasize well-being and movement
  • subtle colours or white (nothing that could be obtained with a vegetable dye)
  • perfect finishing’s, if possible by hand
  • mixed and deep inspirations, evoking travels and art

On hot summer days, we rely on elegant accessories; hats (essential to the bohemian-chic male wardrobe), sun glasses, bags, watches…
These tasteful yet necessary pieces are to be worn in a cool, casual way.
Effortless is the key attitude… slow down you’re on holiday!