Viavela 14 célébrates the dead

On November 1st, we’ll celebrate “La Toussaint”.

In Mexico, too, this tradition exists, it’s called “the day of the dead” and its icon is: La Catrina, a female skeleton, dressed in an elegant hat according to the fashion statement of aristocratic and bourgeois of the beginning of the 20th century; satyr of the new rich Mexicans.

Diego Rivera – famous Mexican painter and husband of the not less famous Frida Khalo -greatly contributed to the fame of La Catrina, thanks to one of his works “Dream of a Sunday afternoon in central Alameda”.

At Victoire, the character of La Catrina inspires the brand Viavela 14 with these pretty embroidered, velvet, beaded and mismatched mules!
You can also fall in love with the British version, Scottish and decorated with a royal bee!