If you recently passed by one of our windows, or if you checked our Instagram account, you might have seen this picture.

It has been realized by the entire Victoire team during lockdown.

Each salesperson, shop manager, Beatrice at the accounting, Monique at the human resources, Camille, Morgane, Isabelle, Gilles, Florence… We all participated and sent a thought, a little word, a drawing, a token of support…away from each other during these 2 long months.

All this has been compiled to become our “capsule” print.

You can find it at the women stores on a woolen pair of trousers, to wear with one of our cashmere sweaters, or with a poplin cotton shirt.

À shirt is also available, both at women and men section, as well as a cotton and silk scarf, and masks, obviously!

This print, it is us: Victoire.
We are a small family business, passionnated, colorful, united… And proud!

Beware, limited quantities available!


Shop the look
Shop the look