I want cashmeres !

In times like these, and I am not just talking about the cold weather, we have chosen the softness and comfort of a pretty 100% cashmere Victoire jumper.

You already know these cashmere jumpers. They have been coming back winter after winter, for years.

Florence matures this collection for a long time, designing it in the spirit of the times and her intuitions.
She retouches it two, three times so that the volumes are perfect.
She moves a button, enlarge a ribbed edge, one purl stitch, one plain stitch…
The creative process takes months to achieve the perfect results.

Once again this winter we offer you a large choice of six different shapes in seven colors.

We have our favorite, the ribbed jumper, slit but buttoned. V neck or crew neck basics, long enough, ribbed funnel neck for skiers, and the twin-set : perfect combination between a short-sleeves tee-shirt and a cardigan.

About the colors, so far in our stores, coffee overtakes the vitamined tangerine, plum and copper are in a very good position as well.

Which one are you going to chose?