You’re elegant pal…

Last week, a gentleman call out to me and rightly pointed out that these newsletters were only about women…
… And he was right!

Then today, this is a short newsletter exclusively dedicated to men, in which we are going to talk about polo shirts.

You most probably already know it, but polo shirts were invented on a tennis court by somebody called René Lacoste, who declared shirts inadequate to practice sports.

Indeed, Gilles, my father, is without a doubt the only person I know still playing tennis wearing a (Victoire) shirt…

Anyway, let’s get back to it. Polo shirts can be worn outside of the tennis courts and become the literal embodiment of what is called « sport chic ».  Sportier that a shirt / Chicer than a t-shirt.

And, like every summer, our iconic Victoire polo shirts made of cotton jersey are available in 4 withened pigment colors: navy, white, pink, turquoise, or orange; with long or short sleeves, there is something for every taste.

We also have the beautiful Italian polo shirts from Bob or those made of terry cloth from Altea. They are perfect for those who like to be original and who are not afraid to go off the beaten tracks.

For those of you who think that polo shirts should remain on a golf course or on the deck of a ship, we have the hybrid shirt made by Fedeli. A cotton jersey shirt chicer than sporty, it can even be worn with a jacket on. It is perfect to look relaxed but not too much…

Gentlemen, you understood the message, everybody should wear a polo shirt!
Have a nice weekend,