La Prestic Ouiston

Man and woman brand

Prestic Ouiston was created in 2004 by Laurence Mahéo a designer from Brittany, who is also the director of an oyster farming estate.

Self-taught, she led these two opposite careers as a strong courageous and independent woman. After successfully launching two brands of exceptional oysters, she recently handed over the daily management of the domain to a friend to be fully devoted to fashion.

For years, Laurence Mahéo offered unique hand-made models before launching her first real collection in 2010. The Prestic Ouiston has a strong identity, the queen of patterns and prints that was born from femininity and a touch of humor - we remember that one season, Laurence created a print from the text messages between her and her lover.

Prestic Ouiston synonym of silk, a sublime, precious material that glides on your body and moves with elegance.

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