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Wehve is a sublime and soft shawl that you throw over your shoulders on a sweet summer evening.

Hand-woven in Uruguay or Peru, it’s made of merino, alpaca, silk, linen, and is naturally dyed.

Wehve is a state of mind. Not too much. Not too little. Perfect for the moment.

Behind this shawl, there is a woman. Creative and enlightened, who takes care of her fashion ecosystem, thread after thread. Her attention to detail and accuracy makes Wehve’s magic work.

The story of Gesine Holschuh begins between Germany and Belgium. Born in Hamburg, she made brilliant studies in Brussels and became a commercial engineer. She works for an investment bank in New York, for Mc Kinsey in Belgium and Germany, and for Inbev, as vice president. Finally, she becomes an independent consultant in "business development".

In parallel, Gesine is attracted by social entrepreneurship and fair trade. She brings her experience to projects in India and Africa. On assignment for the Hand in Hand International Foundation, she meets African women who have created their micro enterprise. Gesine’s multiplie trips abroad let her to discover Uruguay ... The land of Merinos!

Gesine has always loved fashion and fell in love with the "ruanas" these big traditional shawls. To meet those who weave them, she visits a large number of workshops in remote villages. She discovers the different stages of creation: spinning, dyeing, weaving and knitting. Wehve was born ... Between Victoire and Gésine, it is a story of friendship and love with no border line, Gésine literally has a house near our shop in Manantiales.

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