Man 1924

Man brand

Let me describe Man 1924 in a very simple way... they’re our favorites and they’re Spanish! 

The brand was founded in Bilbao, the capital of Biscay in the Basque Country, in 1924 by the Spanish designer Ambrosio Navares. 

His creative and entrepreneurial spirit has made him a true genius in men's couture.

Today, they are 3, but still all family: Carlos and Olga Castillo (his sister) and Jorge Navares. 

All three celebrate traditions, authenticity, heritage and quality but with a lot of modernity and creativity. 

At Victoire, we fell for their trendy outfits, colourful looks, checkered shirt, slightly baggy trousers ... and their dandy personalities! Go take a look at their inspiring account on instagram, you’ll see Carlos and Jorge from every angle, supermodels of their own brand because they wear it best!

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