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The company was founded in 1960, initially as a small quality fashion house. But it was in the early 1990s that the offices were expanded to create the D-due design studio.

D-Due's solid know-how in the world of fashion has been handed from generation to generation, allowing them to create hand-made 'couture' pieces. Having their own workshop allows designers to remain in close contact with each of their pieces: from their conception to their final production, to create a unique garment, a masterpiece of craftsmanship.

On the creative side, Charo Froján and Alfredo Olmedo are the two heads behind the collections. D-due is a "studio label". That means that creation begins as a workshop, "The studio" being a space for research, where ideas and actions take shape, revealing a unique participatory artistic approach.

Finally, the fashion collections are only one part of the overall creative project, which is expressed in several areas: pottery, drawings, paintings...

At Victoire we are charmed by D-Due collections. This is what we call clothes with a soul.

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