Atala Sport

Man and woman brand

Atala sport is an Italian brand founded in Padua in 1952.

During 3 decades, the brand has developed technical and leisure sports shoes with an exclusive finish and aesthetic innovation. For 20 years Atala sport has been collaborating as a technical sponsor with the best Italian teams and some of the most important athletes such as Helenio Herrera or Sandro Mazzola. During these years, Atala sport is one of the few Italian companies to have a significant presence in the United States. Atala Sport marketing has always had an avant-garde vision for its time. Handmade in Italy, the sneakers are known to be the most comfortable. They are made in the province of Treviso. It is a special place, where memory and innovation coexist, and where the expression of a constant commitment to the pursuit of absolute excellence is reinterpreted with a contemporary style. The washed stone treatment and the minimalist style of the shoes underline its vintage appeal. These sports shoes, designed for everyday and urban use, have invaded our wardrobes and are worn at all ages and for all occasions, and at Victoire we love it.

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