The story of this luxury brand begins in Italy with the creative co-founder, Andrea D'Amico. Since the foundation in 1991, he has made this Italian brand international.
With the help of Fiammetta Martelli, with whom he began an important collaboration in 1996 and who will become his partner and manager of the Style and Product Office. The brand will therefore see its commercial skills increase all over European and international markets. Their knowledge and experience in the most luxurious men's clothing is reflected in the style and product choices they make. Evident savoir-faire and authentic creativity are therefore their most important trademark. The concept of “handmade” has a deeper meaning for Andrea D'Amico. Here, it represents the pursuit of the highest learning quality. Such a production process would be mechanically impossible. In addition to their own online store and showroom in Milan, D'Amico has selected international partners to increase brand awareness and success.

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