We believe

Our métier begins with our eyes.

We choose… Collections found in Paris and elsewhere. We want to discover new designers, believe in them and promote them. Our method is an impulse – we follow our instinct. One rule only: we want exclusivity . When a brand advertises or is sold in a store near us, we are not interested. One specificity: our different stores have different items. Every director has his or her own style.

We mix… We love to see our designers ‘styles mix and clash. And this has been our leitmotiv since the very first day of Victoire. In the 1960s, Victoire was the multilabel store that put an end to the total look. We love it when colors “clash” with established fashion standards.

We advise… This is a Victoire’s skill. We’ll always lend a sympathetic ear and give honest advice to our customers. Not out of a business strategy, but because our customers are our friends. We know what suits them. A friend once said: “Victoire is ready-to-wear with a haute couture service.”

We share… We embody a certain art de vivre – a way of living, going out, traveling, inviting friends over… We are a cultural brand. “My father used to say: ‘Bourgeois can be dumb as a rock, but when they’re not, they’re capable of the best!’ My father and the family I grew up with represent a modern and open-minded upper class, which identity is reflected in Victoire,” says Gilles Riboud. Our curiosity and our open-minds brought us together.

Such expertise has made us Parisians’ favorite multilabel stores for several decades. The fashion designers of the 1960s and 1980s started with Victoire before they could fly solo and open their own stores.

Over the years, we’ve changed – we’ve taken our French art de vivre to the seaside and overseas, from St Tropez to St. Barths, along with Punta del Este, Malibu, or Biarritz. From distributors, we became designers, just for the pleasure of mixing our own style with the labels we love. For the pleasure of developing our own collection and reflecting Victoire’s very personal world.