The Italian Angelo Gallamini is not a stylist, he’s an artist, alternately, visual artist, composer, painter, poet ... In short, you’ll understand, when you’ll wear an Angelo Gallamini piece.
We met Angelo by chance at White's in Milan. At the bottom of the basement, this tall man emerged with his crystal blue eyes, his Santa’s beard and his patchwork cloak. We were immediately seduced. Obviously that's all we love!
How to define the work of Gallamini? « Surprising », is probably the word that qualifies it best! Every season we go to his stand whether its at Pitti in Florence for men or at White’s for woman. When we arrive, we see it straight away, the fabrics and materials clash, fringes rub shoulders with tartan, creativity is unfolded without any restrictions. You’ll find in our shops these unique handmade pieces, that you will choose the same way you choose art...completely in love and under the spell!