POMANDERE was founded in 2008 by Carlo Zanuso. Designer and entrepreneur, he is the creative heart of Pomandére.
Rigor and fluidity, androgyny and femininity are the terms that best illustrate the brand. Pomandere interprets women's wardrobe according to its own style, which differs by the custom design and realization of each garment. Pure geometries, soft and natural colors draw around the person a sophisticated and eternally contemporary but timeless look. This fashion house highlights artisanal tradition, creativity and elegant sobriety. POMANDERE is a family story, just like us. The brand has been perfected for generations in a family workshop. It favors attention to detail and perfection of work, always of a high standard of clothing. POMANDERE dresses a determined and cultured woman, a traveler, passionate about small pleasures and brief moments lived with intensity, curious and far from clichés, firm in her convictions and conscious of her own value and femininity.

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