Saint-Tropez homme

Saint-Tropez homme

Store Man

72-76, blvd Louis Blanc
83990 Saint Tropez

Ouvert du Lundi au Dimanche
De 10h00 à 13h00 - 15h30 à 19H30

Isabelle Bernard +33 (0) 4 94 55 41 01

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A coffee at Sénéquier, a lunch break with your feet in the water at Graniers beach, a walk along the harbor and of course a stop at Victoire.

Aurélie Tournier is in charge of our 3 boutiques in Saint-Tropez.


She will welcome you all year round with her pretty smile and outspokenness. The selection is made according to the desires and preferences of Morgane, our artistic director, who has one rule: exclusivity. You won’t find anywhere else what you find here. For our Saint-Tropez boutique, we voluntarily choose a holiday look rather than a city one.

For men, our Victoire collection is made of basic and fancy shirts in 5 different fitting styles, adapting to any body type, which complete a sharp and even unexpected choice of often Italian designers celebrating the love of style and clothing.Come live a singular shopping experience, and meet Franck, our Mr Victoire of Saint-Tropez. After 16 years of working with us, you can imagine that he knows what suits you best, and if you are lucky enough, he will even teach you to tie your scarf “Indian style”!

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