Saint-Tropez Jardin

Saint-Tropez Jardin

Store Woman

72-76, blvd Louis Blanc
83990 Saint Tropez

Ouvert du Lundi au Dimanche
De 10h00 à 13h00 - 15h30 à 19H30

Aurélie Tournier +33 (0) 4 94 55 41 01

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A coffee at Sénéquier, a lunch break with your feet in the water at Graniers beach, a walk along the harbor and of course a stop at Victoire.

In this Victoire Garden boutique (located behind the men and women’s boutique of Louis Blanc boulevard), Aurélie Tournier welcomes you from April to October with her pretty smile and outspokenness.

The Garden boutique is one of a kind. The selection is made according to the desires and preferences of Camille and Julie, in a spirit definitely “beachwear”, intimate and confidential.

 You can find exclusive creators and designers, distinct accessories and even some home decor, when we feel like it. It’s a joyful mix of sharp and unexpected pieces… but always on point and in season. The floor tiles are the only thing not for sale.

And if by now, you still haven’t found your happiness, you will probably run into Gilles Riboud, the founder of Victoire, chatting in the garden at the back of the shop where he will offer you, depending on the hour, a coffee or a glass of rosé.

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