No, this week, we will not talk about mixology but mix and match, each has a specialty, and it is a little early for drinks!

“Mix and match” then, it’s one of our signatures at Victoire. We love it! We mix motives, fabrics, genres, colors… And, this winter, we push the exercise further and mix threads to create beautiful mottled meshes.

Mottled pieces are like a couple, they must be not really different, but not really the same… Do you follow? What we are looking for complementarity and a mastered contrast. To be together a better version of yourself… Well, it’s the same with sweaters!

We mix chalk white and pink to create an acid sugared almond; the chlorophyl and the celadon for a refreshing sage; carmine and red for a bright burgundy… No, it’s not always cocktail time…

When it comes to shapes, you find a zipped cardigan for men. For women, a sweater opened on both sides, a funnel neck sweater, and… great news: IT IS BACK!

We also reproduced one of our hits: the buttoned round neck sweater. You loved it, it is back! We’d like to reassure you, it is available in mottled colors, but you can also find it in, basic colors, chalk white or navy.

Have a nice weekend and enjoy our mottled sweaters!

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